You can finish off the summer with a ride on your motorcycle, or in your jeep, and raise money for a great cause that will stay in the community.

On August 31, the 3rd annual "Ride For Suicide Awareness" will take place cruising around Clinton, Camanche and the surrounding areas.  All money raised will benefit Speak Out Against Suicide.

Speak Out Against Suicide

Biker couple riding down the road in the sunset

Speak Out Against Suicide was developed to eliminate the stigma of suicide and depression. They intend to increase awareness and create a safe environment where community members know they are not alone and can ask for help.

To achieve this mission, Speak Out Against Suicide recognizes that suicide prevention is a process involving many community resources. As a group that does not have licensed professionals, Speak Out Against Suicide believes its role within the suicide prevention process works best when volunteers are left behind by suicide and other volunteers step forward.

The goals are:

  • Work to eliminate the stigma associated with the topic of suicide prevention and grief support.
  • Provide access to information and resources.
  • Advocate for programs and services that enhance public awareness, community service in direct support of those who are lonely, depressed, and suicidal, or grieving the loss of someone by suicide, and greater mental health services for everyone affected by suicide.

Get On Your Bikes And Ride!

Alexander Milanese

On Saturday, August 31 the Ride For Suicide Awareness will start at Bonnies Scenic Tavern, 2116 Harrison Dr in Clinton.  The sign-up starts at 10am with kickstands up at 11am.

100% of the proceeds of this all-ages event will be donated to Speak Out Against Suicide.  The cost is $30 per person which includes the ride, t-shirt, and meal.

The ride route will include Bonnies, Railyard-Lowden, Buzzys-Welton, BS-Folletts and will end at Clyde's in Camanche.

Get all the details and find out more about Speak Out Against Suicide here.

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