One of the little joys of moving to a new city is trying the different pizza places. Now that my wife Kathy and I are a little more settled we're trying to do that once a week. This week we tried Johnny's Pizza and Slices, 2832 Brady Street, here in Davenport. Johnny's website says their mission is to provide their customers with an "Old World" pizzeria experience. They promise a traditional New York style pizza with a Naples region crust.

When we first went to Johnny's website we were a little bit confused. You can get a 10 inch or a 20 inch pie. There's no other sizes available. This is where we should have decided to ask some questions about the size when we called in our order. Instead we assumed a 10 inch pie would be smaller than your average frozen pizza. So we went with the 20 inch pizzas. I say pizzas because we decided to get two of them. One the Aloha with Canadian Bacon, Pineapple, Bacon Crumbles and BBQ sauce. The other sausage and pepperoni.

When the pies showed up at the door I knew we were in trouble. Two huge very warm pizza boxes. They were deceivingly heavy for New York style pizza. When I opened them I thought, wow, this is a 20 inch pizza? Seemed larger than that to me. So I got a couple of plates and piled two pieces of the Aloha on Kathy's plate, and one big slice of the sausage/pepperoni on my plate. My slice was so big it almost covered the plate.

Going for the largest piece first was my rookie mistake. The pizza was still a little hot to the touch. The slice was hard to control and the overwhelming size of the first slice was almost a turn off. It distracted me from the pizza goodness I was trying to eat. The cheese was perfectly melted and I enjoyed the sausage ans pepperoni flavors as well. I would have liked a little more sauce on the sausage and pepperoni pizza. Kathy loved the pineapple and the fact that the Aloha came with both bacon crumbles and Canadian bacon. After two slices each we were both full!

The verdict: Johnny's Pizza and Slices makes our pizza rotation! It was tasty right out of the box, and tasted just as good as leftovers. We'll definitely order again. For a two topping pie prices range $11 for a 10 inch pie to $20 for a 20 inch pie. Ordering, it seemed a little pricey. After seeing and eating the pizza, it's definitely worth the money.

Some more good news, effective today Johnny's is offering a 14 inch version of their pizzas. Which is just the right size for the Creighton's.

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