Paul Whiley thought he hit the jackpot when he opened a trunk that had been stashed in Invercargill shed.

“Dad, we’ve found gold," Paul told his dad, who asked if there was money in the trunk. “We’ve found something way more important than money.”

What they had found was a collection of Playboy magazines, ranging in dates from 1971-1984 with 11 of the monthly magazines missing.

Andrew Whiley

Paul was surprised by some of the feature interviews in the magazine, including Elton John, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Hoffa, John Lennon, Muhammad Ali and OJ Simpson.

The covers of the magazines also featured multiple A-list celebrities like Bo Derek, Farrah Fawcett, Kim Basinger, and Joan Collins.

Andrew Whiley
Andrew Whiley

The "Ultimate Christmas Gift" as it's listed in a single lot on on Trade Me is already attracting interest.

Paul feels the auction will be popular with Baby Boomers, “who wants to relive, really, their moment in time and their history ... I think it is absolutely iconic.”

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