Dillon the Pickle wasn't showing his junk — just giving the thumbs up.

The Portland Pickles are a collegiate wood-bat baseball team based in Portland, Oregon. On Wednesday, the minor league team decided to let “Dillon,” their dill pickle mascot, take over the team’s Twitter page.

This was meant to be a fun social media day for Dillon, entertaining fans through the internet, however, the team mascot posted a photo on social media that may have shocked some people.

On January 12th at 3:41 p.m. the post was made that Dillion the Pickle would be conducting a mascot takeover on the team's Twitter page.

However, it was the next post (4 minutes later) that really piqued interest, especially since it was not so mannerly cropped.

A photo that looks like Dillion the Pickle's....um....pickle...

Another 4 minutes later, the team had decided to end Dillon's takeover, as he has caused an accidental disturbance. The Social media team then posted this,

“We have ended our mascot takeover. It’s come to our attention that this photo can be misinterpreted as a disturbing image,” the next post read. “Dillon would like to go on record and say that he was trying to give his fans a thumbs up.”

After this 8 minute mini-scandal, the team reminded twitter users to "ALWAYS double-check before posting."

Questions are being thrown around as to whether the post was made on purpose or by accident. Many fans were not upset about the post, but rather humored, making more funny tweets about the mascot.

One man who even attend the game that night posted a photo of Dillon "posing with a fan" saying "explain this!!"

All in all, Dillion has learned his lesson, always check before you post, or it could become a Big Dill online. I guess we will see if the team lets Dillon do another takeover or not.

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