Science fiction writers have been saying for decades that one day robots will replace us all in the workplace. A vision of that future rolled out at a McDonald's location in East Moline this week.

According to a report by our news partner Local News 4, a McDonald's location in East Moline has introduced touch-screen ordering kiosks.

You simply roll up to the board, choose what you want, pay, then you get a ticket that you take to the counter to get your food.

Whether it works or not remains to be seen. I know a local car dealership had to close their self-service car wash because folks kept getting stuck in it or breaking it.

One has to wonder if this attempt to eliminate staff at McDonald's will backfire as staff spends time helping customers figure out how to order a Happy Meal o the new menu boards.

Regardless, Mc Donald's says it plans to install the kiosks at all of its 16,000 locations by 2020.

Do you think Touch-Screen self-ordering kiosks will work smoothly? Sound off in the comments.

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