There have been a TON of bad calls made in baseball this year, but this one is the clubhouse leader for worst call of the year. 

This play from a Marlins Mets game was the worst call of the year so far:

That was less than 3 weeks ago. The umpire awards the Mets player first base, and forcing in the walk-off extra-innings win, even though:

  1. He intentionally leaned into the pitch, and
  2. The pitch was a strike

The reaction from the Mets announcers that just watched their team win was pretty telling. They feel bad about the win and acknowledge the horrible call.

The strike zone has been a bit of an issue as well. Angel Hernandez, who has been a horrible umpire for a long time, was trending on Twitter last night just because of his awful strike zone.

Unrelated, but Angel Hernandez is the same guy that ejected Mongo from a Cubs game when he made fun of him during the 7th inning stretch:

The guy has been a problem for a long time.

The umpiring, this year especially, has been so bad that it's almost like they're daring baseball to go to robot umps.

Then this Brewers/Marlins thing happens today.

Again, you can tell how bad this call is just by the reaction from the announcers. They are very confused for about 45 seconds. One of them even says "That can't be interference can it?"

I've been an official and will defend them in most cases but this is either arrogance, incompetence, or most likely both.

I'm glad this happened to the Brewers, who are VERY annoying, but I hate that I had to see yet another horrid call. Figure it out Rob Manfred.

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