These hairstyles are so good – Minne-SO-ta good.

The 2016 Minnesota hair hockey team is here, honoring the best coifs among the high schoolers who play hockey in the Land of a 10,000 Lakes (or Land of 10,000 Locks, as the video lovingly describes it). We didn't think it would be possible to top 2015's squad, but top it the state did.

This is pure brilliance. It doesn’t matter which team won states because, let’s be honest, with hairstyles like these, everyone is a winner.

The real tragedy is that players need to wear helmets while on the ice, thus depriving the fans the chance to see all the wonderful looks they’ve got going.

And, on a side note, is it us or do all of these players look too old to be in high school? They’re sporting mustaches and beards like they’re hoping to start a ZZ Top cover band. They sure do grow ‘em pretty fierce in Minnesota.