I was always told if you're gonna dream, dream big. One Missouri little leaguer has gained fame for what he believes is his dream job that was shared during a tournament recently.

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I saw the dream of Missouri little leaguer Brody Jackson trending everywhere including the Missouri sub-Reddit page. My understanding is this dream job revelation happened during the Midwest Regionals of the 2022 Little League World Series when Missouri played Iowa. The graphics for each player showed a unique favorite thing, dream or hobby for each. Brody's moment happens around 2 minutes in.

Dream job - Chicken Nugget Taste Tester = AWESOME

The comments on Reddit and other social media platforms are praising Brody for aiming high. One comment said "Truly one of the best Missourians in history! Mark Twain, Walter Cronkite, Walt Disney, and ol' Brody." Another encourager said "Don’t let your dreams be dreams Brody. GET IT".

Other players shared details like their favorite food, favorite athletes, nicknames, etc. Brody was the only one who seems to have his career path mapped out, though.

I love the fact that the internet is championing Brody's future job hopes. Even better was watching these kids play baseball the way it was meant to be played - for fun.

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