Have you ever seen a snowplow and automatically begin thinking of names for it? Boy is it your lucky day for that very specific personality trait.

The City of Moline is having a Name A Snowplow contest for eight of its snowplow fleet. Brrr-ing to the table the most eye-roll-inducing, snowy, wintry puns you can think of. Examples to get the creative juices flowing: Betty Whiteout, Darth Blader, The Big Leplowski. Here are your guidelines:

  • The name needs to be limited to 15 characters, one to two words so it will fit on the snowplow's sticker
  • The name can't include your name or a business name. But it can be a funny riff on a celebrity. Think puns, people!
  • No profanity, inappropriate or offensive language (get ya mind out of the gutter)

Submissions are due on August 13th and can be sent to publicworksvm@moline.il.us or you can DM your Nobel-worthy ideas to the City of Moline Public Works on Facebook. Add the subject line in the message or email as 'Name A Snowplow'.

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Staff will narrow down the contest to the top 20 submissions. Those will then be announced on social media. The eight winners will be crowned on August 27th when people will vote on the submissions at the Touch-a-Truck event (during the city's sesquicentennial celebration in downtown Moline).

This isn't an assignment to take lightly. These eight plows you get to name are the city's main-route plows so don't freeze up. You can take pride in seeing your very own Jennifer Snowpez pushing snow off of River Drive.

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