More progress is being made to the I-74 bridge everyday, and soon the sights of orange barrels will be a thing of the past.  It was just last week that officials announced that both sides and directions of the bridge will be opening on December 1.  Now, we find out another major piece of the puzzle will be opening even sooner.

Starting November 29, the new off-ramp to Grant Street/US67 will open for motorists on the Illinois-bound side of I-74.  The new ramp will get drivers a direct and easy path to Grant Street/US 67 instead of the current path that has them connect with Kimberly before making the drive past a park and through a neighborhood to get to the main road.

When the new ramp is open, the old ramp to Kimberly Road will be permanently closed.

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In addition, there will now be new traffic signals on Grant Street/US 67.  In the below graphic from the DOT, you can see the new light will be closer to the new bridge, however, traffic will still be able to turn left onto 12th street to reach the ramp to get on the old I-74 bridge.

Yes, the old bridge will still be used even after 12/1 as the exit to River Drive in Illinois will not be completed at the same time of the bridge opening.  So the DOT urges caution with the changing traffic patterns in the area.

Construction on the new I-74 River Bridge began when the ground was broken in July of 2017.  Get more information on the opening of this ramp and the 12/1 opening at the I-74 Bridge website here.

Iowa DOT
Iowa DOT

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