I was never much of a coffee drinker until I returned home to Canada about a decade ago and got sentimental for a donut and coffee from the ubiquitous Tim Horton's. Since then, I have a couple of cups a day, and though the Quads are blessed with unique local coffee shops, I still stick with my imported Timmies.

Even Starbucks doesn't tickle my taste buds, but for those who love a tall Starbucks, good news came down the pike recently when it was announced that two new Starbucks locations are planned for Moline.

One location - John Deere Road and 7th Street, in the parking lot of Unity Point Trinity was announced earlier this year. According to Moline's Planning and Development Director, Ray Forsythe, another Starbucks is planned for Avenue of the Cities (I still call it 23rd Avenue) on the old Aldi location.

Both locations should be up and running by the end of 2018. But, I'll stick to my homemade Timmies Dark Roast.

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