The Cubs are the most expansive game in baseball and Illinois.

When it comes to major sports, I am a Chicago fan which includes the Chicago Bears, Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago Bulls, Chicago Cubs, and Chicago White Sox.

I try to hit as many games as possible. At least one a season from each. Sometimes, it's every other year. Well, except for the Bears. My family is a season ticket holder, So I get to most of their home games.

I do not go to as many games that I used to. The tickets have gotten so expensive. We just got our bill for Bears season tickets. Those are not cheap. I know all the Chicago teams are priced very high.

Besides the tickets themselves, it ends up being a really pricey day. There is gas, parking, and food. That is not even thinking about booze or souvenirs.

How do they all rank? Well, it is time to find out.

According to,

"Cubs had the most-expensive fan experience in Major League Baseball at $109.78 per person. That figure includes the price of one general admission ticket, two beers, a hot dog, and the cost of parking. All 5 professional sports teams ticket prices rank above the league average."

When I look at their categories, I am not surprised that the Chicago Cubs have the most expensive game for fans in both baseball and Chicago. Going into Wrigley Field is like going on a mini-vacation.

The next most expensive is the Chicago Bears. They are ranked 9th in the NFL with an average ticket price of $176.15.

In third place in Chicago is the Bulls. Their average ticket price is $154.01. That ranks them at 5th in the NBA.

To attend a Chicago Blackhawks game the average ticket price is $153.63 which is 4th in the NHL.

The most reasonable game in town is the Chicago White Sox. It is only $66.58 average ticket price. In the MLB, that is 12th.

The most expensive average ticket price in North America is for the New York Knicks. It is $260.38.

If you are looking to attend a game after things open up, I suggest start saving now so you can afford it.

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