Cemeteries are creepy.  Especially this time of year.  Especially when they are old.  And especially when there are rumors about what is buried underneath.

One mystery in Davenport, Iowa has been solved, but people are still being warned about walking on Davenport City Cemetary.

The Rumors Of What Is Buried at Davenport City Cemetary Cemetary

Jake Townsquare Media
Jake Townsquare Media

This mystery at the Davenport City Cemetary is not the only local grave of intrigue.  In Davenports Oakdale Cemetary there is a "Limb of Unknown Child" tombstone that still can haunt one's dreams.

But what about "The Mound"?

Well, the biggest (literally) rumor was the mound was because an elephant from a traveling circus died in Davenport and was buried there.

Other tales said it was from 1873 cholera victims.

The State of Iowa recognized the mound as potentially being part of a Native American Burial Ground.

The Mystery of "The Mound" Has Been Solved

Google Maps
Google Maps

If you aren't one for walking through a cemetery, you can still see the mound from the adjacent street.  As you can see in the above Google Maps Street View, a drive down South Division Street will take you past "Oldendorf Vault".

Now, thanks to ground-penetrating radar we know that the mound is covering a stone or brick vault containing the remains of three people.  The vault was built in 1869 by Henry Oldendorf.  According to the Quad Cities Times, the survey was conducted by geologist Chad Goings.

While that might take the intrigue out, the danger remains.  Goings report says the structure collapsed and covering the vault with dirt was the easiest way to secure it.

Because of this, residents should beware.  The report recommends heavy machinery (lawnmowers) stay off the mound and that a fence or barrier be put up around it.

So while it is spooky season and lurking through cemeteries might sound interesting to you, stay off the mound or you could be joining the Oldendorf family for your final resting place.

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