Monday is International Dog Day!  We celebrate our best friends every day.  But on August 26th we'll make sure to celebrate them a little more.

A special treat.  A special walk.  A special car ride.  Whatever it is your pooch likes to do most in all the world.  The 26th is the day to do it!

Now while you take extra special care of your dog today.  You should also spend some time with some of the greatest dog videos of all time.  Here are the top 10 that you should spend some time with.  Enjoy.

There is an entire series of these.  This is the best one.  But they are all worth a watch when you need a break from work.

You probably know what's coming.  But wait for the end.

This is classic.  And if your dog can talk please send a video of it.

Heartbreaking....yet hilarious.

This is where I want to talk with the dog and ask him what he was chasing in his dream.  Mailman?  Cat?

What happens when you dress up like Gumby...good or bad things?

This dog can skateboard better than most humans.  And he looks cool doing it. come some tears.  But good tears.  There are a ton of these out there but I love this one.

So random.  So weird.  But that is the internet.

This one is a little different.  But if you haven't watched the video for this song you should for National Dog Day.  Love your puppies!



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