There is a new Randy "Macho Man" Savage documentary.

Becoming A Wrestling Fan

I started watching wrestling when I was a kid. I remember it being on right before dinner on Saturday afternoons. From there, I started checking it out on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Then Monday nights were great too. Starting with Wrestlemania 2, my parents would let me order pay-per-view events and invite my friends over for a party.

Favorite Wrestler

Through the years, I had many different favorite wrestlers. It would be very difficult to pick just one, but a name comes to mind. That is Randy "Macho Man" Savage. I enjoyed watching him a lot.

Why The Macho Man

I found out he was from Downers Grove, Illinois so I thought that was really cool that a local guy was a famous wrestler. I saw him live at an event at the former Rosemont Horizon, now the Allstate Arena. He owned that ring. Then, he had an incredible match versus Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat at Wrestlemania 3 that blew me away. Plus, the guy was just cool with his look, persona, and the way he talked. Plus, Miss Elizabeth was in his corner.


Meeting Randy Savage

I have gotten to meet a lot of cool people through my job. Listeners ask me all the time, who is the best celebrity I have ever met. One of my top moments was definitely the "Macho Man." He came to the radio station to promote a WCW show that night at the Rockford MetroCentre. I got my picture with him and it is hanging up in my basement.

WWE Documentaries

Of course, I enjoy watching the events but I also really like watching documentaries about the industry, wrestlers, and events. The WWE provides all kinds of great programming with their Network.

Right now, they have a partnership with A&E to release some special shows about some of the best wrestlers of all time. This past week they featuring Savage. It was a very interesting documentary. They shared lots of great footage and some amazing interviews with many people who worked with Randy through the years.


One of the featured interviews during the documentary was with Gorgeous George. She was the valet for Randy Savage during his WCW run and also his real-life girlfriend. That was not her real name which was Stephanie Bellars. When she met "Macho Man," George was living in Florida, where he was too.

During the documentary, they have a lot of footage of her and Savage performing together. Her interview is featured throughout the show.

It was pretty cool seeing them be part of this story about this legend. I will say A&E did a great job with the program. I recommend checking it out for yourself.

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