A wildlife park in Wisconsin offers one of a kind golf cart tour of the animals.

Golf Carts Are Fun

I am not a golfer but I do enjoy driving around a golf cart. They are just fun to tool around in. I get excited when I am participating in an event where I get to use a golf cart to get around. A couple of friends have weekend places up in Wisconsin and they own golf carts to get around the campground. It is my favorite part of going with them.


Visiting Animals Is A Fun Activity For The Whole Family

My family and I are big animals lovers. We enjoy going to see them at zoos and wildlife parks. It is amazing to see these beautiful creatures up close and personal. When you plan a visit, you usually have to expect a lot of walking because the facilities are so large.


New Place To Visit Animals In Wisconsin

We have been all around Illinois and Wisconsin to see animals, so we are always in search of new places to explore. Another one recently popped up on my "must-see" list. It is Shalom Wildlife Zoo in West Bend, Wisconsin.

According to shalomwildlife.com,

"Home to 75 species and more than 750 animals."


Photo From YouTube
Photo From YouTube

How To Get Around Such A Big Place

This zoo is an enormous facility.

"Shalom offers a unique twist from a typical zoo experience.  Many animal residents have large natural habitats, which gives you an atmosphere of more like a park." 

That sounds like a lot of walking. That could be a bit much for some visitors but do not worry because the wildlife sanctuary has you covered.

"There are four miles of gravel roads that run through the zoo which allows for walking, drive-thru in your own car, and golf cart rentals at different times of the year."

Now, you are combining two fun activities to create a unique excellent adventure.

For more info, HERE.

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