We're close to finding out whether we'll be eating Portillo's hot dogs, beef sandwiches and cake without heading to the Chicago suburbs. According to a story in the Quad City Times; the public discussion about whether or not the land across from the new Costco on 53rd Street is the right place for the Quad Cities first Portillo's is about over.

The Davenport City Council has advanced the development proposal toward final consideration next week. At Wednesday night's committee meeting developer William Torchia, community members, and Bettendorf Lawyer Mike Meloy, representing some neighbors impacted by the development all spoke their piece.

William Torchia spoke about area jobs that will be added due to the development and how the the property value will be increased. Neighbors expressed concerns about traffic jams, flooding issues and how their homes might be negatively impacted. Lawyer Mike Meloy asked council members to give the neighborhood protection by blacktopping Lorton Avene from 46th to 53rd streets and turning Lorton into a cul-de-sac.

Aldremen have a tough decision. Many constituents are salivating at having a popular regional favorite restaurant in town. Yet, 53rd Street is already congested in this area and the Costco isn't even built and open. Plus the development does back up to a neighborhood. It's a decision I'm glad I don't have to make.

Alderman Rich Clewell, who represents the area the development is planned for, told the Quad City Times he'll consider and consult with city staff about all the points brought to the council Wednesday night. He also pointed out, regardless of what the council decides, "everybody won't be happy." At this point, that's the only sure bet of this whole deal.

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