Everyone knows the old Irish coffee trick; add a little Bailey's and you're good to go! But what if you could get the same effect from the coffee itself? Cut out the middle man, as it were.

Apparently, this is a step that Pabst Blue Ribbon thinks is necessary. According to Delish.com, the drink  is made of Arabica and robusta coffee beans, milk, and vanilla. Based on those ingredients, and a few early user reviews, it's on the sweet side. But it does have 5% ABV.

If this sounds tasty to you, there's really only one downside — it's not in the Quad Cities just yet. Currently, it's only in select places in Pennsylvania, Maine, New Jersey, Florida, and Georgia.

You could always road trip for it, or maybe make some friends in those states? There's always a way.

For me, this is probably a pass. What about you, are you game to try hard coffee?

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