ESPN reports former Cubs pitcher Jake Arrieta has signed a three year $75 million deal with the Philadelphia Phillies. Arietta posted strong numbers in the second half of 2017 for the Cubs. His post All-Star break ERA was 2.28 and his career post season ERA of 3.08 makes him desirable for a potential contender. His signing, along with that of first baseman Carlos Santana, are making some folks wonder if the Phillies think they're closer to being a contender than they look. ESPN Senior Writer David Schoenfield discusses that here.

How does this make me feel as a Cubs fan? I'm fine with it. I felt a little sad when it became apparent that Jake wasn't going to be wearing the Cubbie blue pin stripes this season, but I got over it. I was skeptical Theo Epstein, Chicago Cubs President of Baseball Operations, could work his magic in Chicago like he did in Boston. Some of the first three seasons were rough. The run in 2015, that sold me on how the current management runs the ball club. That's why I'm fine with Arrieta pitching somewhere else.

Theo Epstein has a knack for making the right deals, signing the right guys, not signing the wrong guys and getting the most out of his players. Between a front office that gets it and Joe Maddon's ability to motivate his players, I'm not fretting over talented individuals who have moved on. Signing Yu Darvish doesn't hurt either!

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