Never tempt Karma.

Seton Hall’s Bryce Aiken embarrassed himself on Wednesday night after some trash talk at the free throw line.

Before the Seton Hall-UConn game, Aiken had hit all 23 free throws he attempted this season. (He shot 92% from the charity stripe in 2019-2020)

While at the free-throw line, immediately after his first attempt, he yelled out “I ain’t never missing this.” Not only did he miss that shot…he missed the follow-up as well.

The reaction in the paint by UCONN freshman #21 Adama Sanogo is priceless:

Even worse for the senior, both of his parents attended UCONN, so perhaps they were secretly rooting for their alma mater during the game? Ohhh....added drama!

The Pirates did end up losing to UCONN on Wednesday night, 69-58.

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