The Bloody Mary has gone from a simple drink of tomato juice, vodka, and some spices to an art form of drink concoction and even now, meal concoction.  After seeing a Facebook friend post some from around the Quad Cities I got thirsty, and hungry, and wanted to find some of the best around town.

As you can see below, there are a lot of great places in town to get a Bloody Mary, but if you know of one that needs to be added, send me the details and pictures at

Is it just a breakfast drink?

The Bloody Mary really isn't a drink you are ordering on a normal night out.  It's a heavy drink that can be transformed based on the person ordering.  You know the vodka and tomato juice.  But what is your level of lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, tabasco sauce, salt, pepper etc?  With all that, to me, it has to be before noon to dive into one of these.  Brunch is perfect.  Tailgating is always great.  Of course, in my college years, I was drinking the cheapest thing possible before the game at 8 am.  But as I get older, the Bloody Mary is a great tailgate option.  Anything after about noon though, I'm out.

The Loaded Bloody Mary

If need that breakfast or brunch or lunch with your drink and don't want to have to deal with a plate, then the loaded Bloody Mary is for you.  While the normal Bloody Mary might come with some olives or celery (gross) or a meat stick, the Loaded Bloody Mary is coming with a burger on a stick.  Or a donut on a stick.  Or a cinnamon roll, burger, cheese curds, shrimp, and a box for the leftovers.

And these were the inspiration for me to find the biggest, best, and craziest Bloody Marys in the Quad Cities area.  Now I'm even more thirsty and hungry.

Keep Looking At The Quad Cities Biggest, Best and Craziest Bloody Marys

Bloody Marys have transformed from a simple glass of tomato juice, vodka, and some spices to an art form that can include everything from flavored salts to a full-on breakfast in the glass. Or in some cases, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Check out what you told me were some of the best around the Quad Cities. Do you know of a location missing from our biggest and best list, send a picture and the location to

Craft Breweries in the Quad Cities Area

We're very lucky to live in an area with such an amazing, thriving "craft beer scene". You'll be able to find everything you could want.

Not sure what you want? That's ok. The bartenders at these establishments are very well versed and can guide you through a wonderland of Ales and Lagers.

From "coffee infused" to "riff infused".

From "pale ales" to "peanut butter porters".

Fruity, Sour, Hoppy, Malty, Crisp, Crushable beers in all shapes and sizes.

Crowlers, Growlers, Cans & Kegs...the Quad Cities Craft Beer scene has it all.

And of course...a great beer isn't complete unless it's paired with some amazing food. Whether it's made in the breweries kitchen or in the food truck in the parking lot...brewers know that people love food with their beer. 

Take a look at the 19 Quad Cities Area craft breweries!

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