A restaurant we've enjoyed for over 11 years is now expanding with the first franchise-owned store in Illinois.

Yeah, Barrel House has been in the Quad Cities for 11 years.

Years of how long a restaurant has been in business can make you feel old.  Or like you've been in that city for a while.  Or both.  And yes, Barrel House started in 2011, in Davenport, Iowa.  And in 2020, nearly a decade after the Barrel House origin, the owners set out to develop a franchise program for Barrel House.

Barrel House operates six corporately owned locations, with a seventh location under construction.  But now, they have their first franchise open as well.

When you travel to Bloomington, you can still get a taste of the QC.

It started in November 2021 when Barrel House sold its first franchise license. The Bloomington Barrel House team has been working hard over the last year and now, things are ready to roll.

The Bloomington Barrel House is located at 9 Brickyard Dr.

That is not the end of expansion for Barrel House.

Founder and Owner Jimmy Holt says, “We feel that our passion and brand concept have proven itself. Our goal is to take our "Food That Lifts Your Spirits’ concept and work to establish it nationwide.”

Holt says that on a national scale, Barrel House is actively communicating with prospective franchisees in Wisconsin, Iowa, and Texas.

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While the Moline location of Barrel House in the Quad Cities no longer exists, you can still visit them at the Downtown Davenport location on 2nd Street and on Utica Ridge Road.

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