Welcome to Summer. The hot temps have all of us ready to cool off, whether it be with ice cream or a jump into the pool. But the QC has a great way for you and the kids to cool off.

Splash pads are a great way for kids to play in the water (that doesn't involve you creating a slip-n-slide from a soapy garbage bag) and you yourself don't have to get soaked if you don't want to.

Here are a few of the free splash pads (also called 'spray pads' or 'spray feature' on city websites) that you can take the kids to visit this summer in the Quad Cities.


Centennial Park (315 S Marquette St)

Davenport Parks & Recreation Facebook
Davenport Parks & Recreation Facebook

Goose Creek Park (6000 Scott St)

Davenport Parks & Recreation Facebook
Davenport Parks & Recreation Facebook

Cork Hill Park (1100 Farnam St)

Petersen Park (3005 W. Central Park Ave)


Lincoln Park (951 27th St)

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In Illinois, we have:

Rock Island

Schwiebert Riverfront Park (101 17th St)


Bass Street Landing (1601 River Drive)

So get the kids together and check out the splash pads this summer! You could even do a tour of all of the QC splash pads with the kids. Maybe stop and get ice cream on the way at some of the Quad Cities' best ice cream parlors. It's finally feeling like Summer and it's only going to get hotter (and more humid) from here, so you might as well go ahead and plan some fun ways to cool off!

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