As companies shrink the amount of people working for them, employees are asked to do more with less every day.  For some, this can mean working overtime and getting the overtime pay that can add up.  For others, it means working more for the same amount of money they take home on a "normal" week.

When the numbers add up for Iowa it really shows how much employees are giving extra to their jobs.

What Can Iowa Do To Reduce Working Hours


So you want to spend less time working "for free".  Elizabeth Harrin of Rebel’s Guide to Project Management gives these tips.

1. Track Time: Log your work hours to identify patterns of unpaid labor. Use this data to discuss workload with your employer, and negotiate fair compensation for overtime hours.

2. Set Boundaries: Clearly define work hours and stick to them. Use your out-of-office message to let people know when you will next be available, and don’t download work apps to your phone.

3. Prioritize Ruthlessly: Focus on tasks that align with key project goals. If it's not critical, delegate or defer it.

4. Leverage Technology: Automate repetitive tasks and learn how to use all the features of project management tools to streamline workflows.

5. Communicate Efficiently: Opt for asynchronous communication when possible to avoid unnecessary meetings. 

6. Educate Yourself: Understand the labor laws and regulations regarding overtime. Know your rights and when to seek guidance.

Top States With Most and Least Unpaid Work Hours

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The 5 states with the smallest increases in unpaid overtime in 2023:

50. Montana (0.6 hours less)

49. Hawaii (0.9 more hours)

48. Idaho (1.9 more hours)

47. Maryland (2.1 more hours)

46. Arizona (2.7 more hours)

The top 5 states who worked more unpaid overtime in 2023:

1. New Hampshire (9.9 more hours)

2. Iowa (7.6 more hours)

3. Alaska (7.4 more hours)

4. Utah (6.3 more hours)

5. North Carolina (6.1 more hours)

This number of 7.6 more hours equates to 396 hours over the year per employee, and collectively as a state, this amounts to a whopping 789,678,847 hours.

So the next time your boss asks you to do a bit of extra work you might want to be sure you are on the clock so Iowa can reduce that time of unpaid work and increase the time to the life you are working so hard at.

Check out a full map showing every state's unpaid work.

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