The Rock Island County Children's Advocacy Center is holding an open house on February 29th, from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at 734 20th St in Rock Island to show off their new space and to share their mission.

The Rock Island County Children's Advocacy Center


The Rock Island County Children's Advocacy Center (RICCAC) received a grant from the city of Moline which allowed them to enhance the services offered.  This grant allowed RICCAC to remodel space in the basement to expand its therapy services.

The mission of the Children's Advocacy Center is to reduce the trauma child victims experience from sexual and physical abuse.  They achieve this by utilizing a multidisciplinary team approach to investigations, along with providing advocacy, prevention, therapy, and counseling services.

Last year the RICCAC conducted 265 interviews of abused children.  The Children's Advocacy Center provided follow-up services for 65% of the families that were seen at their center.

Now you can learn about what a Children's Advocacy Center is and how it benefits our community.  Take the leap on February 29th and check out their new facility in Rock Island.

Learn more about RICCAC and how you can get help or support the cause here.

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