If you fancy yourself an avid rock, paper, scissors player and you're over 21 you can compete for prizes this Saturday in Davenport.

The Pour House, a pub on the corner of W. Locust and Washington streets, Davenport is hosting their third-annual rock-paper-scissors tournament on Saturday. Participants pay $2 to enter the double-elimination contest and stand as they square off in a series of best two-out-of-three match-ups. According to a QC Times article,  competitors will be given mood rings to wear during play.

In case you forgot the rules to the classic hand game, rock wins against scissors, scissors wins against paper and paper wins against rock.

This year’s winner will take home a trophy and receive 50 percent of the proceeds. The runner-up will collect 30 percent of the winnings and the third-place finisher will receive 20 percent.


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