We don't have any professional, professional teams here in the Quad Cities. Nothing against the sports teams we do have here, we love them all but we all deserve t have a favorite team in the Major Leagues. So, a recent survey went around asking people around the QC what their favorite Major League sports teams were, and the results of this survey of about 1000 people we actually kind of surprising. Let's just say, not all the teams were from Chicago. Here is the list of the favorite Major League Sports teams of people in the Quad Cities. PS: We may have some band wagon fans here! LOL.

Major League Baseball:
1.Chicago Cubs 2. St. Louis Cardinals 3. Kansas City Royals 4. Houston Astros

National Football League:
1.Kansas City Chiefs 2. Chicago Bears 3. Green Bay Packers 4. Dallas Cowboys

National Basketball Association:
1.Chicago Bulls 2. Minnesota Timberwolves 3. Milwaukee Bucks 4. G.S. Warriors

National Hockey League:
1.Chicago Blackhawks 2. St. Louis Blues 3. Minnesota Wild

We still have great sporting events in the QC and we are appreciative for what we have! Let's hope some of thee teams could actually do some winning for us this year!


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