For the past month, B100 has been giving you a chance to win a flyaway to the City of Angels to see the one, the only, Harry Styles! After weeks of getting social with B100 and listening for the daily Harry Styles Double-Play to double your chances of flying to Los Angeles, California this fall, it is time to announce which lucky winner will be enjoying the L.A. sun and Harry Styles in concert.

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The B100 Days of Summer is in full swing and we are hooking you up with the best prizes all summer long. A trip to Los Angeles, California to see Justin Bieber at the Kia Forum is one of the biggest prizes we've been giving away so far. Right after we gave away that flyaway to Kaitlyn Pickens, we announced that we were sending you to L.A. this fall to see Harry Styles!

For the past four weeks, you and many others have entered to win this trip to L.A. this fall to see Harry Styles. You've got social with us, listened for the daily Harry Styles Double-Play to double your chances of winning, and told your friends to enter in hopes of winning this flyaway and taking you.

Now, the time has come to congratulate our Harry Styles flyaway winner...

Congratulations to Tena Beal on winning the trip to Los Angeles to see Harry Styles!

Tena Beal, Townsquare Media
Tena Beal, Townsquare Media

Tena's mind was blown when she won this flyaway to L.A. to see Harry Styles. She was playing our contest so much that she considered it "obsessive" but it paid off! She's been trying to get tickets to see Harry Styles but she said it's been hard to buy tickets.

Tena doesn't need to buy tickets anymore as she won this flyaway to L.A.! Tena is so excited to see Harry Styles this fall in sunny L.A. at the Kia Forum during his Love On Tour 2022.

Not only is Tena getting two tickets to see Harry Styles this fall in L.A., but we are also going to fly her there, put her up in a hotel room, and give her $500 in cash to buy merch, drinks, and maybe even an Uber to enjoy the beach before heading to the concert.

While Tena may have won this trip to L.A. to see Harry Styles this fall, YOU still have many other great prizes to win during the B100 Days of Summer

See all of the great stuff you can win during the B100 Days of Summer, including free MVF Fun Cards, by checking out the Win Stuff tab.

Keep listening to win more flyaways, tickets, cash, and more during the B100 Days of Summer!

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