You want live sports? You want all access to athletes?

Get ready for a hybrid of Ice Cube's Big 3, the upstart 3-on-3 basketball league founded by Cube and his longtime business partner Jeff Kwatinetz, and producers Endemol's "Big Brother", as reported by Yahoo Sport's Chris Haynes.

On Friday, we posted about MTV's "The Challenge: TOTAL MADNESS" and giving viewers another "sport" competition to watch.

This idea will be a three week long "quarantined reality show basketball tournament" and it is scheduled to debut some time in May.

16 players and a undetermined number of referees, after testing negative for COVID-19, will be quarantined in a Los Angeles area home-- a basketball gymnasium is currently being constructed.

Although the rules are currently being worked on, it is reported that the winner will receive seven figure cash prize. The plan is to make the show an annual preseason Big3 tournament, sources also said.

“Our No. 1 concern is safety,” Kwatinetz told Yahoo Sports. “Aside from being able to work with the best creative producers possible for this type of show, they’re also the right people to ensure safety and health because they’ve done this for over 20 years in a hundred countries. They’ve specialized in keeping people in quarantined conditions. If anybody knows what they’re doing, it’s them.”



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