To be fair, you can't tell if it's a lick or a bite. 

Huge moment in the Cubs game last night. Rookie phenom pitcher Adbert (checks how to spell his last name again) Alzolay is in the middle of his first MLB start. The day didn't start off too well.

Not great.

One pitch and he's down a run. The kid settled down after that and ran into some trouble in the 5th. That required a short mound visit from pitching coach Tommy (looks up another name) Hottovy.

Now, this should have been a serious technical meeting with the new kid who is OBVIOUSLY very particular about how he pitches. The dude takes notes in the dugout between innings.

I'm excited about Alzolay but I also think he might be a dork. The good kind like Kris Bryant. Rizzo has no time for dorks, that's when the performance art began. Not his first time fooling around during a pitching change.

I can't decide if he does it because he thinks it loosens teammates up (probably does) or because he's bored. Either way, it's a trip to watch.

My favorite part of the exchange is Tommy Hottovy's face. Here's your star pupil on the mound. Someone who is SUPER important to your job and he can't even focus on him with Rizzo out there.


WTF is Riz doing now?

-Tommy Hottovy probably

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