I've lived in the Quad Cities for about a year and some change now. And in that time, there's been many, MANY rumblings of the creation of a rail line that would drop passengers off in Moline.

It's gone back and forth quite a bit in terms of actually happening, and in truth, still no one really knows if it'll happen. But, according to KWQC, the project just got a huge boost in funding – $225 million to be exact.

The Capital Bill, HB62, provides the funds from the "Multi-Modal Transportation Bond Fund" to cover all costs necessary for the Quad Cities Passenger Rail Project.

Per a press release from the Midwest High Speed Rail Association, the Capital Bill also funds new service to Rockford, track improvements for Chicago, Champaign, Carbondale, and Springfield, as well as expanded Metra service into Kendall County.

Even still, KWQC notes that it's unsure when or IF construction will start on this.

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