It went from hot, to perfect, to stormy, and it's about to be scorching again! The whole weekend starting Friday will average in the mid 90's as far as temperature goes. However, with the midwest humidity, it is going to feel like triple digits! In fact, we are anticipated to be within record temps for this time of the year by a just a couple degrees!  94 Degrees (1994). Triple digits in the QC is not the same as triple digits in a city like Las Vegas... Dry heat is not as bad. Temps like these with humidity can kill you! So what is a heat advisory? Just what it sounds like. Beware of the heat. Stay indoor in the A/C as much as you can. Stay hydrated. DON'T leave kids or animal in your car unattended. Just want to get all that out there. I am not a profession metorologist so if you want full details on all this check out our partners at Local 4 News.

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