I'll be completely honest: I dislike Easter.  I don't like the pastel colors.  I don't like the bunny or egg decorations.  I don't even like coloring eggs.

Don't get me wrong...we still do it for the right reasons: the kids.  But as soon as their old enough, we will halt most of this tradition and not look back.

That's right, despite my lack of passion for the holiday we still participate and even plan for the days events.  Albeit the night before as we scramble (no pun intended) to find vinegar for the egg dye.

But imagine a world where you're too busy to plan.  Maybe you're a single parent or work late.  Someone offering to come do some of the leg work for you would be worth a few bucks, right?

According to WFLA / WESH, some parents near Orlando got scammed over Easter weekend.  A service called "Egg My Yard" promised to leave candy-filled eggs in people's yards.  But the person behind it just pocketed the money and never showed.

I think it was a pretty good price point.  I would've gladly paid someone $20 last Saturday night to not have to run to Wal-mart at 9pm.

  • 25 eggs for $20
  • 50 Eggs for $40
  • 75 Eggs for $50
  • 100 Eggs for $60


But instead, the people who signed up got ZERO eggs . . . because the person behind it never showed.

The Venmo account got deleted, and those parents...and more importantly...The Kids, got a rude awakening for Easter.

Turns out Christmas isn't the only holiday susceptible to The Grinch.

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