Do my eyes deceive me or is it...not snowing this weekend?!

It's been a particularly rough winter, between snow and ice storms. We got rain this weekend, but it was just a regular storm, and for the most part it didn't freeze. For drivers, it was a welcome change of pace. This ice has not been forgiving on cars, or wallets.

The unfortunate irony is that the bad weather means good business for local body shops. One shop in Moline has seen their workload just about double. That's largely because damage from driving in the snow and ice is often deceptively bad.

When sliding, a car might sideswipe a guard rail or run into a pole. Instead of just a small scrape or a dent, it becomes two doors that need to be replaced or a totaled front end. Sexton Ford in Moline had a customer need $15,000 worth of repairs.

So, if you want to avoid dropping a small fortune in repairs, the best method is just to drive a bit slower and be more aware.

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