The average Facebook user is 40.5 years old.

The average Twitter user is 40 years old.  The age group 13-17 years old only makes up 11% of Twitter users.

Instagram users ages 25-34 make up 35% of users world wide.  13-17 year olds make up 6.6%

The reason I am showing you these statistics is to point out that any of your post concerning George Floyd, protesting, looting, and rioting are not doing anyone any good except yourself.  You are filling yourself with a false social justice warrior feeling of strong moral character due to your social-media posts.

Stop it.  Stop it now.  You are not going to convince a 40 year old to change their mind about anything due to your post or a your comment to a post.  Just stop it.  But you can help influence the future by educating the youth of America.

We are nearing the end of nation wide home schooling for the Spring semester of the 2019-20 school year and you have the ability to be the most important teacher your student may ever have.

You know that teacher.  You still remember that teacher.  The teacher who had the most effect on you when you were a student.  The teacher you still consider a mentor.  The teacher who "opened your eyes" to something new.

You can be that teacher.  Take the time to talk to your children about what it going on.  Ask them questions.  Listen to their answers and then show them the following videos (after you preview them for yourself).

Don't have time to watch videos?  Spare me.  You posted about binging Ozark last week and The Tiger King in March.  Check your social media usage on your phone.  Is it over 2 hours a day?  You have time.  Make time.  Do better.  Be better.

We are in troubling times in America over race issues.  It is time to teach about race issues.  So we don't repeat problems.  We create solutions to problems by teaching our students about the issues, why they are issues, and how we can grow as a nation to start to heal those issues.

Racism is not part of the human condition.  Racism is a learned response. You have to be taught to be racists.  You are not born racists.  You are born into a racist society.

-Jane Elliot

I want you to watch these three videos and then sit down with your children/students and watch it with them.  Don't have children or students?  You still need to watch them.

Here are the descriptions and the videos for what I encourage you to watch TODAY.



The Lee Mun Wah documentary placed 8 men-- 2 white men, 2 African American, 2 Asian American, and 2 Latin American in a room to discuss, sometimes with great passion, prejudice, racism, and discrimination.  This film is shown in almost every diversity training workshop.

SU_MIN7060_THE COLOR OF FEAR from South U Video Production on Vimeo.



Following the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., a 3rd grade Riceville, IA teacher, Jane Elliot tried to have discussions about race, prejudice, and discrimination with her students.  Ms. Elliot did not feel her lesson made much of an impact to her students who had very little interaction with minorities at the time.  So she created the "Blue eyes-Brown Eyes" exercise.  Ms. Elliot went on to a career as a public speaker about discrimination and became a full time diversity educator.

You can also watch a reunion type episode with students from her classroom from Frontline's 1985 documentary A Class Divided.


Jane Elliott On The Oprah Winfrey Show (1992), Blue Eyes Brown Eyes Exercise

This is a shortened Oprah Winfrey Show episode that show the effects of doing the Blue Eyes-Brown Eyes Exercise to adults.  Watch the way adults react to the exercise compared to the children.  And you think you are going to change adult's minds and decision making by making a post, sharing a meme, or commenting to their post?


As promised at the start of the post, here is the video to Don't Hassle Us We're Local Show on ESPN 1170AM on Friday giving directions on how you can be the best educator your student will have this year.

Take care, everyone.  Let's DO better.  Let's BE better.






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