Video has gone viral on the r/PublicFreakout subreddit of a restaurant employee who was assaulted by a customer upset about her soup.

In the initial video, surveillance footage from a restaurant in Temple, Texas is shown of the customer who is visibly upset about something, pointing at a cup of soup and the lid to the cup.

As she pauses to hear the response of the employee behind the counter, she picks up the cup and throws the soup in the face of the employee.

Obviously knowing she was in the wrong, the woman ran out of the restaurant.

Reddit users linked to a TikTok profile belonging to the employee who was assaulted with the soup, a young woman named Nelly.

In her video, she explains what led up to the soup being thrown in her face.

Nelly says the woman called the restaurant from home, upset and claiming the soup was so hot that it melted the lid to the cup, leaving plastic melting into the soup. Nelly says she apologized and offered a refund for the mistake.

According to Nelly, the woman didn't want to hear about an apology or a refunded meal.

"All she wanted to do is yell and cuss, and she called me names and the kitchen staff names," Nelly says.

Standing her ground, Nelly told the woman that she would still help her, but asked her not to talk to her or her coworkers in that tone of voice.

Nelly says the woman then told her, "Oh no, honey. You haven't heard attitude yet and I will talk to you any which way I f**king want," to which Nelly replied, "No ma'am. You will not."

The woman called again while the restaurant was busy, and was put on a hold, which she hung up on. Then, she showed up.

Nelly said the woman continued to curse and scream at her, but never once asked for or accepted a refund.

In the incident video, Nelly pulled out her phone, which she explained was when she told the agitated customer that it was time to leave or she would call the police.

"I don't give a f**k," the woman told her.

Nelly put her phone down to give the woman one last chance before she called the authorities. It was when she asked her one more time to stop cursing, that the woman grabbed the soup and threw it in her face.

Luckily, the soup wasn't as hot as it was when it allegedly melted the lid, but Nelly said the spices were what affected her the most.

"It really felt like I had just been pepper sprayed," she said.

Nelly called the police and said charges have been filed against the aggressor.

In another follow up, she detailed the aftermath. With her eyes burning and nose bleeding, Nelly wiped away the soup and saw as customers and coworkers were chasing after the woman and the man with her. They recorded the suspect's faces and license plates.

Back inside, a customer helped Nelly clean up in the restroom, wiping the soup off of her face and arms.

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