Amir Garrett is a stud.  I don't care about your thoughts on unwritten rules of baseball, any dude who takes on an entire MLB dugout is a pimp.  There is a must follow on Twitter when it comes to great videos. It is @Jomboy

Watch the {NSFW} video @jomboy did about The Brawl: the build up and the breakdown

There were 9 total ejections from Tuesday night's game.  Tied for #6 all time for ejections in a game.  Here are some videos of the most ejections in a game

#1 Padres at Atlanta. August 12, 1984.  17 ejections.  This is considered the greatest brawl in baseball history.  It included: Three full-on brawls (with mini-brawls included), 13 players and coaches ejected and five fans arrested.

#2 White Sox at Red Sox.  July 19, 1946.  14 ejections.  14 White Sox players got run out fo the game for heckling the home plate umpire after he warned the White Sox pitcher for beaning Red Sox star Ted Williams. No video to share so we will share Nolan Ryan vs Robin Ventura.

#3 Angels at Royals.  June 2, 1998. 12 ejections.  9 players were suspended for a total of 22 games because of the brawl.  Coach Joe Maddon of the Angels was fined.

#4 Tigers at White Sox. August 24, 1993. 11 ejections. 16 members of the Detroit Tigers and Chicago White Sox for a total of 82 games and fined a total of 24 players, coaches and managers for their roles in the brawl.  The largest mass suspension and harshest penalties for a field incident in baseball history.

#5 A's at Brewers.  August 24, 1993.  10 ejections.  No beanballs or brushbacks.   Just a disagreement between managers over on-field decorum and Oakland A's closer Dennis Eckersley was ejected for arguing balls and strikes.







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