They say that the sequels don't necessarily live up to the hype of their predecessors. In this case, the entire country was eagerly awaiting to see if the follow-up was just as funny as the original.

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It was the question heard all around Eastern Iowa on the morning of Thursday, January 19th.

"What are we doing here, man?"


At the end of last year, one Waterloo sports reporter went viral for his hilarious (and completely honest) blizzard coverage.

After the winter weather swept through the Cedar Valley in December, KWWL seemed to have a shortage of staff to cover it. So, they decided to send out sports anchor/reporter Mark Woodley.

Not only did he have to get up five hours earlier than he normally does, but he had to stand out in the below freezing temperatures to share weather updates. Throughout all of his live hits, Woodley would give his own kind of sarcastic take on what was going on.

"I normally do sports and everything is canceled for the next couple of days. So what better time to ask the sports guy to come in about 5 hours earlier than he’d normally wake up, go stand out in the wind and the snow and the cold and tell other people not to do the same?"

You can read more about the original video here!

This video became such a phenomenon that some of your favorite local businesses were teaming up with him! RAYGUN released Mark Woodley shirts with some of his most hilarious quotes from the video, and Hurt Donuts made a limited number of Woodley donuts!

You've reached peak Midwestern success when you get a RAYGUN shirt and Hurts Donut made in your honor.

Earlier this week, meteorologists were predicting some sort of winter storm to come through the region again. So...guess who they decided to send out?

You guessed it! Poor Mark Woodley.

On the afternoon of Wednesday, January 18th a winter storm system moved into Eastern Iowa. Some parts of Northeastern Iowa received several inches of snow.  Waterloo received approximately four inches of snow overnight.

Woodley assisted one of the other station meteorologists with some of his coverage, but of course the viral sensation was sent in to do a few hits of his own.


"The sequel is never as good as the original," the reported said during his liveshot, "...for every Empire Strikes Back there's about a hundred Caddyshack 2! I think this is the day that everybody finds out that I'm just not that funny."

This time he seemed much more confident in his coverage.

It's probably because is wasn't -30 degrees this time around!

You can watch the video down below!

Woodley is an Eastern Iowa native, growing up in Dike. As a sports reporter he's covered cover bowl games, NCAA tournaments, NFL football, and the Stanley Cup playoffs.

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