The City of Davenport announced today that there are going to be several construction projects done within the city this year as the construction season begins.

The first places you'll see construction work are:

  • E. 53rd St (Phase II)
  • Eastern to Elmore Circle & Lombard
  • Harrison to Brady

Besides those projects, there will be improvements to a total of 9 arterial streets in Davenport, though the others haven't been announced yet. Other ones in the works for this year include:

  • 55 neighborhood streets
  • 9 alley repair projects
  • 3 flood resiliency projects
  • sewer lining
  • manhole repairs

Council approved the budget for these projects. There aren't other details known about the projects right now besides the fact that they're set to happen in the 2022-2023 construction season. Where the neighborhood streets are, the alleys are, when the additional projects will begin, an estimated end or any more details haven't been released yet. The city did say that there will also be more work done on sewers, trail, stormwater, and facility improvements.

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Hopefully, none of us get stuck in dreadfully long road work jams during the construction season. The one on E. 53rd last week was zero fun. But, you can normally see real-time traffic before you go somewhere (and find an alternative route if you need to) on an app like Google Maps or Waze.

Meanwhile, if you need to make a request to the City of Davenport for a public works service, you can find the link here to submit one.

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