Ok, yeah. I'm gonna be that guy right away.

I won't preach about people having parties for the game during the pandemic. I just hope that you take it into account and plan accordingly to protect yourself, your family and your friends.

With that said... what are you eating this weekend?

According to research by LetsGetChecked, the average American can eat approximately 11,000 calories on Super Bowl Sunday. (Not to be a buzzkill, but that's about four and a half times the recommended daily calorie intake!)

I love all of it. Hot dogs, brats, steaks and chicken wings! Chips, pretzels and those weird ham/pickle things that are rolled up with cream cheese!

Don't forget the beverages, too! Pop, beer and mixers... it's a wonder how anybody makes it to work on Monday.

Usually with a big party it's so much easier to have a nice spread as you can divvy up the food so there's more to choose from. Or maybe you get lucky and you have that friend or family member that likes to cook up a huge spread.

I can't wait until Covid is over so we can start to enjoy these things again!

So what's your signature dish or must have food for the game? Shoot me a comment below or drop me a chat on our Y105 mobile app.

Be safe this weekend and enjoy the game!

Chris Farber / Y105


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