This airport in Wisconsin has made traveling a lot less stressful by featuring the only concourse beer garden in the whole United States.

Traveling By Airplane Has Become Very Difficult

If it's been a while since you've flown anywhere, then the next time you do it's going to be a rude awakening. The entire process is very stressful. You'll definitely need a vacation after experiencing that kind of travel. Everything takes forever. It will take you more time to actually get to your gate than the flight itself.

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Recently, we took a trip to Florida and had to fly out of O'Hare. That was a complete nightmare. The employees were yelling at everyone and were rude. The lines were way too long to pick up any breakfast. I hadn't been there in a few years and just then I remembered why. The place is horrible. When we go on vacation, our family usually tries to use the Rockford airport. That's usually a great experience.

Wisconsin Airport Beer Garden
Wisconsin Airport Beer Garden

New Pleasant Airport Experience Available In Wisconsin

I admit, I forget that we could easily fly out of Wisconsin too. Those airports aren't as busy and the employees are a lot more friendly. I've only gone through Mitchell Airport once several years ago and it wasn't bad. I've been hearing many good things lately so it's definitely on my radar.

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Flying Out Of Mitchell Airport In Milwaukee

There are locally owned stores selling Wisconsin-themed gifts. The dining options are so much better than most airports. Of course, they have plenty of chain restaurants to choose from but they also host several locally owned establishments too. In fact, they have a very special place to have a couple of beverages before boarding your flight.

Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport has the only beer garden at an airport in the U.S. Barons' Beer Garden is named in honor of Milwaukee's most famous beer barons: Valentin Blatz, Frederick Miller, Frederick Pabst, and Joseph Schlitz.


The innovative beer garden is the result of a unique partnership between Mitchell Airport, Milwaukee County Parks, and airport restaurant concessionaire SSP America.

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