It is the busiest time of year for shopping.  While you might be focused on last-minute gifts or picking up something for the family meal you should also pay attention to the announcements at your local Wisconsin Walmart.

Some announcements are simply about clean-ups, commercials, or assistance.  But others are going to indicate to you a dangerous situation you need to be aware of.

Color Codes at Wisconsin Walmarts

Nicole Riley
Nicole Riley

Most announcements you hear at Wisconsin Walmarts will be normal but found out what the secret codes are.  There are four different types of codes that you can hear over Walmart’s intercoms. These codes include:

  • Colors
  • Numbers
  • Letters
  • A couple of word codes

Out of all of those, it's the colors you need to pay the most attention to as they can mean life-threatening situations.

What Does Code Brown Mean At A Wisconsin Walmart?

Reporters Outside Cielo Vista Walmart
Emily Slape

Unfortunately this day and age every public place is susceptible to danger.  And in Walmart, they will warn you of that danger by using a color code.

If you hear "CODE BROWN" in your Wisconsin Walmart you need to immediately leave as this is the code for an active shooter.

There are other color codes you may hear that will also mean danger in your local Walmart.

  1. Code Red will indicate there is a fire in the store.
  2. Code Orange is for a chemical spill.
  3. Code Black is for severe weather.
  4. Code Green is an active hostage situation.
  5. Code Blue is for a possible bomb threat in the store.

The holidays are hectic at stores so be sure you are watching yourself, your family, and your surroundings with both your eyes and what you hear.

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