NFL training camps are taking place once again, and teams are getting into fights.  That is really nothing new.  But, the fan reaction (and location of this brawl) is what really stuck out in the below video.

Bad sportsmanship in youth has been a theme this past week

This brawl on Tuesday (August 16) was clearly between grown men.  Highly paid grown men.  But the reaction of the kid in attendance reflects another hot debate that has been taking place across the country because of something right here in the Quad Cities.

The debate was about sportsmanship during the Little League World Series.  And as you can see below, it blew up with people arguing both sides from both sides of the country.

While the two situations are different, one celebrating a homerun and one (below) yelling for a fight, the youth in question in both are simply following that of their athlete role models.

Patriots and Panthers Rumble at joint practice

The New England Patriots and Carolina Panthers started their 2-day joint practice on Tuesday leading up to their preseason game.  This is a new common occurrence that lets teams practice against somebody else instead of their own players.

Early in practice, the brawl broke out because of "jawing".

The original tweet of the video from a Boston reporter has since been deleted.  This tells me that he either wasn't supposed to be recording at that time (yes there are times the reporters can't record but fans dumb) or the Patriots in all their power and arrogance told him to delete it or they would kick him out of camp for the rest of the year.

However, this is the internet and once something is on the's captured for life.  Here is a video from the fight.  It's from quite the distance but seeing the actual fight isn't important.  It's about listening to the fans yell in the video.

Not surprised by this young Patriots fan.

You can hear him.  And you can picture him.  Sounds like he is 10-12 years old.  Yelling for the Patriots players to "Beat him up".  "Let's go Patriots.  Beat him up."

Part of me thought this was funny.  But, it's a Boston fan.  AKA the worst fans in the world.  Yes, I'm judging this kid and the entire fan base all at once with 7 seconds of audio.

Boston fans are entitled and spoiled.  This kid has known nothing but winning his entire life.  Hell, you can be a 25-year-old Boston sports fan and know nothing but winning.  And it shows by how they act.

Would you be proud or embarrassed if this was your kid?

More than likely this dad was loving it and it will be a great memory for the father and son Boston fans.  But if this was you, would you have told your kid to shut it?  Maybe let him be while it was happening but then after talking to him about sportsmanship?  Or, would you have put him on your shoulders and let him yell louder so all those who oppose the Patriot way can suck it?

If this was any other kid yelling at any other team in the league, I'd go with option two.  Let him yell and have fun but then remind him about being a good sport and a good fan.  But what do you think?  Let us know in the comments.

Enjoy the NFL season.  May you have a fun year and your team have success...unless of course, it's the Patriots...or Tampa aka Boston south.  Then I hope you go 0-17.

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