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It Once Was Lost, But Then It Was Found in Texas

A woman who apparently lives in Dallas found a rather interesting piece of jewelry recently and it didn't take long for her to realize who it belonged to.

In a post on the 217 Problems Facebook page, Cindy Flores said with all capital letters that she "is NOT from Illinois" but found a ring belonging to an iconic Illinois high school football coach.

The inscription on the ring said 'National Coach of the Year' and had the name, Leonard.

With a quick Google search of 'Leonard' and 'National Coach of the Year' I found Ken Leonard, the hall-of-fame football coach from Sacred Heart-Griffin High School in Springfield, Illinois who just won the 2022 High School Coach of the Year award from the Chicago Bears.

That's also how Cindy Flores started her search to find the ring's owner. Once she found the city where Coach Leonard resides, she posted the ring on a local Springfield Facebook page, and within 10 minutes the connection was made.

Illinois Football Coach Lost Ring Over 3 Years Ago

According to a story from WCIA, Coach Leonard lost his 'National Coach of the Year' ring when traveling through Dallas on his way back from Australia where he was visiting his brother in January 2020.

The ring was found in an elevator at a Texas shopping mall, according to WCIA.

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