This is terrible to hear about! I have actually dealt with Tazewell animal control. They almost put my dogs down! Someone solicited us to mow our lawn. We never agreed to it, and the guy just came to our house without even telling us to attempt to mow the lawn. Allegedly, one of my dogs bit him while mowing. Mind you, our dogs are Yorkshire Poodles. Anyway, long story short, Tazewell County threatened to put all of our dogs multiple times and treated us like second class citizens! Thank God our dogs survived! Tony Wang's dog was not so lucky.

In this story, a similar thing happened. An unexpected visit from a maintenance man resulted in the maintenance man to get bitten by Tony Wang's beautiful dog. Wang's dog was on a 10 day quarantine at animal control just to verify that he wasn't a volatile dog. Before Wang could pick his dog up though, he was killed by Tazewell Animal Control. Wang's dog is white and the dog that was supposed to be euthanized was yellow. Wang talked to Tazewell County animal control just to find out that they didn't double check or anything. They killed his dog without even blinking an eye! They did acknowledge the mistake and said they are looking into their procedures to assure something like this never happens again. If you ask me, they should be shut down! Prayers to the Wang family!

No word on if Wang will be taking legal action or not.. We will keep you updated on this story.

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