You have most likely seen someone post about Shamrock shakes recently. Many get excited each year for this shake. The real question is are they back in your area? The easy answer is most likely YES!

I got my first shake yesterday on the 22nd in Davenport, and now that it's late February, it's safe to say most locations now have them, but I decided to check it out more.

An Easy Way To Check

Before you go out an easy way to see if your local McDonald's has the shake is by checking the menu on their App. Using the McDonald's App, and changing the locations I can confirm that most if not all McDonald's have them in the Quad Cities.

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Is There Anything New?

When I checked to see if they had anything new with the shakes, I didn't notice anything too exciting, but hey if it ain't broke, don't fix it!


They do have size options. I can't remember if that had this last year, but it says "New" so hey that may be a new option, though I don't know for sure.


I think it's safe to say your Mcdonald's has these amazing shakes ready for you, but it's best to always double-check before going. Who knows maybe a very specific spot only starts in March, though this seems very unlikely, and is a major buzzkill.


Share your Pictures with the Shamrock shake with us on your App! It's one of my favorite parts about this time of the year, and I plan on getting as many as I can.

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