It's nice to grab a meal with friends. You catch up, you have some laughs, and then you probably wait roughly two business months to have lunch again right? No shame! People can be exhausting.

Dogs on the other hand, are always great to have a meal with. Sure they hit you with the sad eyes, but they always end up getting scraps somehow and everyone's happy.

The thing is, you can't usually take your pet with you to eat at a restaurant. But soon, that'll be changing in Moline. According to the Quad City Times, the Moline city council voted this week to advance an ordinance that will allow companion dogs "in outdoor areas of establishments with Class B liquor licenses that also have an outdoor special use permit."

They still won't be allowed inside a restaurant or tavern, but it's pretty close! Now when you and your pup need a snack break during a walk, you'll be able to go together.

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