It's a well-known fact that men and cars have a special relationship. But a new study by University College London has shed light on a unique aspect of this bond - the relationship between men's perceived penis size and their desire for fast cars.

The study, which was cleverly titled "Small Penises and Fast Cars: Evidence for a Psychological Link," aimed to explore the connection between men's self-perception of their genitalia and their interest in high-performance vehicles.


The study recruited participants and presented them with different information about average penis size, with some being told it was 7 inches and others being told it was 4 inches. The actual average size, according to the study, is 5 inches. The participants were then asked to use a slider to indicate their level of desire for fast cars.

The results of the study were quite intriguing. Men under 29 years of age showed little correlation between penis size and the desire for fast cars. However, in the 30 and older age group, men who believed they had a smaller-than-average penis rated sports cars higher. On the other hand, men who were convinced they were well-endowed became less interested in sports cars.


The researchers suggested that further experiments would be necessary to understand the underlying reasons for this connection and to explore whether other factors such as perceptions of wealth and intelligence also play a role in men's desire for speed. However, the study provides an interesting insight into the relationship between body image and consumer behavior among men.

So, for now, it looks like the old adage "compensating for something" may have some truth to it.

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