There is nothing wrong with being a nerd.  The author of this story is very much a nerd.  Marvel.  Star Wars.  Glasses.  Check, check, and check.

What else defines and nerd, and where do most of them live?  Other than one state...many of them are in the Midwest, with the top spot going to Wisconsin.

How To Determine The Nerdiest States


Zippia did some super serious research using Google Trends to find state-level topic search volume.  Things like, "Dungeons and Dragons games near me".  Star Wars, Harry Potter fanfiction, Live action role-playing games, and other hot nerd items.

Where Are The Most Nerds In America?


The West and Pacific Northwest trends are nerdier than most of the country.  The folks in Oregon lead the way with their foam swords.  That would be LARPing for those non-nerds reading this.

And in general, the South is the least nerdy part of the country.

But what about the Midwest?  What makes us so nerdy?  According to the trends, more people in the great white north are searching for Star Trek than anywhere else.

One Midwest State Is Not For Nerds


Overall the Midwest is pretty nerdy.

  • 14 - Wisconsin
  • 17 - Iowa
  • 18 - Minnesota

You can see the full map below.  But there is one true Midwest state that is not like the others.

Illinois comes in at 38 on the nerd list.  I blame Chicago.  Too busy being stuck in traffic to enjoy the life of a nerd and Marvel movies.

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So where are the top 5 nerdiest states in America?

  1. Utah
  2. Alaska
  3. Oregon
  4. Idaho
  5. Washington

And for those non-nerd states...

46 - New York and Georgia tied
48 - South Carolina
49 - Louisiana
50 - Mississippi

Nerds of the Midwest, I'll see you at the next Marvel movie.



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