It's official; the Quad Cities have set a new flood record. Thankfully, it was warm and sunny this weekend, so some of the water – at least in areas affected just by flash flooding – has receded.

Yes, I can actually see the street I live on again! Barely, but it counts. Unfortunately, there is more rain in the forecast this week, which means flooding could get bad again.

But, there is light in all of this! Multiple lights, actually. They come in the form of people helping out. While it's definitely implied that we are grateful for help, I've always been of the belief that we should state gratitude outright.

So, here's a list of some folks we definitely need to thank in all of this:

  • 1

    First Responders

    This one's a no brainer. The firefighters, police, EMTs, and other first responders that have been called to action on this have been working harder than ever.

    Without them, people would be stranded in buildings, trapped in cars, or much worse. Their round-the-clock help is invaluable.

  • 2

    Local Media

    When something like this happens, there will inevitably be people running toward things to film and take pictures. Thanks to local media, those images can be spread far and wide, along with updates and information. With them on the scene, no one else needs to put themselves in harm's way for a viral video.

  • 3

    Friends and Family

    Flooding can happen unexpectedly fast. I experienced firsthand how quickly it can make getting home difficult – in some cases, impossible. Beyond just traffic, the flooding can knock out your power.

    Be sure to thank anyone who lets you spend a night or two at their place, or even just offers it. The comfort of knowing you have somewhere to go really is soothing.

  • 4

    Open Parking

    When the flash flood hit my neighborhood, every entrance to parking offered by my complex was under a few inches of water. The lots themselves were fine, but my car would not have been if I tried to get to them.

    So shoutout to every business and/or city that suspended its parking penalties to help out residents. Even if it's a bit of a walk from where you park to where you live, saving the expenses of salvaging a car is well worth it.

  • 5


    Filling sandbags is not only time-consuming, but also heavy. To anyone who's made the time and offered the strength, thank you! The sandbags may not stop the water entirely, but they certainly slow it down.

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